35 Of The Best Abstract Tattoos for Men in 2022

Looking for unique abstract tattoo designs? From geometric animals to watercolor nature-inspired pieces and edgy trash polka styles, this list contains a ton of unconventional ideas to suit every style of man. For some, the meaning is clear, while for others it is open to interpretation. Sound like you?  Keep reading as we explore 35 … Read more

30 Of The Best Demon Tattoos for Men in 2022

Need some inspiration for your new demon tattoo? Look no further. There’s a demon tattoo design to fit every style from Japanese Yokai to mythical beasts and even little red devils for men who aren’t afraid to show their cheeky side.  Whether you’re looking to vanquish your inner demons or showcase your rebellious side, explore … Read more

30 Of The Best Aztec Tattoos For Men in 2022

The Aztecs were a group of Mesoamerican people that flourished in central Mexico (as it is known now) between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries. While it is not completely known if Aztecs actually tattooed, there seems to be a consensus that body modification played a significant role in various ritual practices.  While the answers may … Read more

24 of the Best Sanskrit Tattoos For Men in 2022

Sanskrit is the sacred language of Hinduism and is the historical text of Jainism and Buddhism. The Sanskrit script is sometimes used to spell out names or mantras in tattoo designs. These are complex tattoo designs—one mistake, and your tattoo could mean something entirely different from what you intended it to be. Sanskrit tattoos are … Read more