How to Find Your Personal Style and Stick to It

The term “signature style” is fashion jargon that gets thrown around a lot, but what does it mean? The idea of discovering your own personal style is often too heavily weighted on celebrity style icons. While clicking through hundreds of pictures of the Olsen twins and Alexa Chung has its merits, cultivating a look that will work for years instead of wanting to dress exactly like somebody else will always be the best option.

Whether you’re looking for a total style overhaul or to try something a little new, there are some simple steps that can make you like what you see when you open your wardrobe each morning. First, you need to understand what you really, really love, then you can start to identify what makes you feel confident. Scroll for the eleven steps to finding your own personal style and what we should all think about when developing our own wardrobes.

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