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August Snapshot

Happy birthday season, Leo! The Sun is beaming in your sign until August 22, restoring your roar and bringing back that royal swagger that you may not have felt for much of this year. On top of feeling like a caged “big cat” during quarantine, your warm, outgoing sign has missed those regular doses of affection and attention. And TBH, the digital version just doesn’t match the real thing in your book.

Here’s hoping you’ll get at least a few (safe) b-day hugs and some quality time with your favorite people this August! Find a way to light candles and be celebrated that feels safe to you.

Whatever stokes your regal fire, adventure finally awaits! With energizer Mars in Aries and your worldly, expansive ninth house for the rest of the year, your optimism is on the upswing. The red planet is here for an extended visit (from June 27 to January 6), hyping you up to explore fresh terrain and take a gamble on one of your brilliant ideas.

With your mind so open and curious, delve into metaphysical topics, travel (where and if possible), or roll the dice on a savvy startup business. Geek out with a college class on The Great Courses (https://www.thegreatcourses.com) or take a personal growth workshop online.

Novel experiences are rejuvenating, but be careful not to bite off more than you can chew. Ambitious Mars will lock into three stressful squares with spendthrift Jupiter, obsessive Pluto AND karma king Saturn, which are all in conservative Capricorn and your sixth house of health and organization.

With this trio playing micromanager and devil’s advocate, they could douse your visionary plans with cold water. Check in: Are you being an overthinking worrywart—or is careful planning a smart idea now? Balancing passion and practicality will be key.

On August 22, the Sun glides into efficient Virgo, heating up your second house of work, money and stability. Between now and September 22, it will be easier to build dreams into tangible reality. Mull over the batch of big ideas you were blessed with during Leo season. Sift through for keepers and dive into development on your chosen one (or two).

Week 1: August 1-9
Should I stay or should I go?

Are you in or out? As the workweek kicks off on Monday, August 3, with the Aquarius full moon in your house of partnership squared off against possessive Taurus, a relationship or project could finally all come together—or go bust for good. An alliance that started around the January 24 Aquarius new moon could reach a turning point. Use this moment to evaluate its long-term potential.

Curveball alert: The full moon will be jarred by a harsh square from disruptor Uranus in your tenth house of career and ambitious goals. Unexpected professional developments could impact your decision to commit (or not). You may realize you’re not on the same page for the long haul. A sudden change of job status or a new offer could disrupt your best-laid relationship plans, too.

At work, you may have to stand up to someone whose behavior is so offensive you’re not even sure how to talk to them. If need be, pass it off to the proper person in management to handle. Or you may feel caged in by someone pressuring you to sign on the dotted line. Don’t succumb, Leo. Give a firm “let’s talk next month” if you have to—just take care to not leave someone dangling.

The next day, August 4, impatient Mars in your risk-taking ninth house makes its first square of the month, challenging excessive Jupiter in Capricorn and your detail-driven sixth house. Are you about sign on for more than you can handle? This supersized Mars-Jupiter clash could bring a pile of unrealistic expectations or a case of grass-is-greener.

Not sure what to do when every option seems good? Be careful not to work yourself into a frenzy of “analysis paralysis.” While your intentions are noble, you need to make sure you don’t say yes one time too many—the whole project may suffer as a result. Wait a week or two, when cooler-headed conditions will prevail.

Week 2: August 10-16
An explosive moment—then some relief

Things could come to a head on Thursday, August 13, when pushy Mars comes to blows with volcanic Pluto, driving up egos and control issues. Is your inner control freak ramped up to maximum settings? This clash could bring power struggles and spiteful reactions, especially if suppressed anger’s been brewing.
All those dormant feelings can spill out under these volatile skies. But check your anxiety levels, Leo—they could be off the charts. Make sure you have a healthy channel (like exercise or a trusted confidante to vent to) so you don’t burn a bridge.

Pushing an agenda too hard can create major resistance and resentment from your team. People want what they want. With everyone thinking about winning and getting their way—rather than what makes actual sense—you need to be the voice of reason. But if you think speaking up will only fan the flames, bow out of this disaster altogether.

Fortunately, things will start to settle a bit later this week. On Friday, August 15, disruptive Uranus starts its annual five-month backspin through Taurus and your tenth house of success and long-term goals. Career chaos should level off between now and January 14, giving you a chance to set a more predictable (and enjoyable!) path for the rest of the year.

Use this period to step back and evaluate where you’re spending your time and energy. Put the uncertain projects on pause. Some things may plateau or scale down for the rest of the year, and that’s okay. This doesn’t mean you’ll lose your momentum, Leo. But now’s a great time to stop and evaluate your progress, ensuring that you’re still heading in the purposeful direction you want.

If you’re looking for work, Uranus retrograde is the perfect time to reach out to an old client or former employer since retrogrades rule the past. They may just have an unexpected freelance gig or short-term assignment on tap for you. You never know unless you ask!

Week 3: August 17-23
Your cosmic new year begins

Happy astrological new year! Tuesday, August 18, marks the year’s only Leo new moon, a fresh start that’s all about you and your desires. Where would you like to be six months from now? This new moon sets into motion a growth cycle that continues until the Leo FULL moon on January 28, 2021.

If you’ve been keeping a low profile, ask yourself: What’s the primary message you want to put out into the world? What are your most cherished personal goals and passion projects—and how can you prioritize them?
Set clear intentions to have your talents recognized by the public. Hop up on a soapbox and let people know about a special cause that’s close to your heart. The sky’s the limit, and as a naturally captivating Leo, you’ll know just how to take the stage with dignity and flair.
On Saturday, August 22, the Sun leaves your sign and enters meticulous Virgo, heating up your second house of work, money and values. Brush away the birthday cake crumbs—it’s time to take one of the grand ideas sparked by the Leo new moon (or a birthday wish) and build it into something tangible.

Roll up your sleeves and go into production mode. Create a new framework for your day-to-day life and get ready to welcome whatever gives you a sense of security—whether it’s more money, accolades, helpful allies or a supportive partner.

Week 4: August 24-31
Think “big picture”

The week begins with irksome slowdowns or obstacles to your grand plans. Impatient Mars gets into its final scuffle, this time with restrictive Saturn in your process-driven sixth house on Monday, August 24. prepare yourself for a week that might feel like driving with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake.

Stoked about a new assignment? With the stop-and-go energy at work here, force yourself to do some big-picture analysis before you dive in headfirst. Enthusiasm is great, but it will only get you so far. With Saturn speed-checking excitable Mars from your detail-oriented sixth house, ease into grand plans slowly—and only after you’ve researched carefully and digested all the information.

With Saturn giving form and structure to your starry-eyed plans, you’ve actually got the perfect recipe for success. If you can balance the dueling drives of Mars and Saturn, you might start an early fall fitness program or sign on with a coach who can help you break those lofty dreams into manageable, bite-sized chunks.


Regardless of your relationship status, the first week of the month finds you celebrating your independence and cherishing your freedom—yes, even with pandemic restrictions. On August 7, fun-loving Venus wraps up a four-month tour of upbeat Gemini and your eleventh house of friendship and group endeavors. This lighthearted arrangement could have driven up the craving for liberated loving. You’ve needed to feel like you had room to roam, whether that meant a no-strings fling, a break from the pressures of dating or more flexible “monogam-ish” terms. Sparks may have gotten set off with a friend. If so, how did that turn out?

But from August 7 to September 6, Venus will shift gears into Cancer and your twelfth house of fantasy, which could put you in wildly romantic spirits. Suddenly, you want some windswept romance and are willing to trade a little autonomy for the sweetness of surrender. In some cases, Venus here could help you end something that’s past its prime, transitioning to a new chapter that may start in early September when Venus moves into your sign. Until then, ramp up the self-care.

That said… over in your adventurous ninth house, spicy and passionate Mars is on a long, slow pleasure cruise through Aries until January 6. While this CAN bring back the desire to spread your wings and fly free, it could also encourage you to stretch out of your comfort zone for the rest of the year. This might mean being more open to different types, including a long-distance love or an attraction to someone from a very different background. Couples who DON’T feel the need to run off-leash will enjoy finding safe ways to travel together (camping in national parks perhaps) or at the very least, mixing up your usual way of doing things.

Key Dates:
August 25: Venus-Jupiter opposition

Don’t get carried away with a fantasy or hand your power over to someone whose offer to “help” could be an unsubtle ploy to gain control over you. Since this opposition flows in both directions, make sure you’re not the one pulling this emotionally manipulative string.


August shines a flattering light on you, Leo! With ambitious Mars in Aries and your expansive, adventurous ninth house for the rest of the year, it’s time to think big. The fresh-start reboot of an August 18 Leo new moon inspires you to pursue a fresh and exciting endeavor that will carry you through the rest of the year.

Lean on key partners at the August 3 Aquarius full moon, which could bring together a joint effort that was started back in January. A dynamic duo could turn official—or reach a conclusion. Which way do YOU want it to go?

Although you’ll likely have new directions in mind, don’t get mired in a flood of possibilities without taking action. Some tough angles between Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto this month are causing a headwind that can impede your progress unless you limit yourself to pursuing one idea at a time. Watch for a tense boiling point on August 13, when your frustration could tip the scales. Make sure you have a healthy outlet so you don’t burn any bridges.

After August 15, Uranus turns retrograde for five months in your career zone, urging you to go back to old employers, contacts and clients to drum up work. Rethink any overambitious plans and scale down as needed. As the month draws to a close, slow down and make sure you have a solid map in place before you speed ahead!

Key Dates:
August 3: Mercury-Saturn opposition

Be as transparent as possible today in all your business dealings. Under this BS-calling opposition, anything you say or even imply that isn’t 100 percent accurate will be found out—and brought to light. It’s not like you’re trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes, but sometimes if you don’t do your full due diligence, you wind up passing along false or incomplete information.

Love Days: 26, 3
Money Days: 11, 20
Luck Days: 8, 18
Off Days: 15, 28, 5

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