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So many ideas, so little time! Your mind is awhirl this July as planets pile into the cardinal signs of Cancer, Capricorn and Aries, activating the communication zones of your chart. Your social life reboots—with proper pandemic precautions, of course—and if you’re lucky, you’ll have a chance to travel. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will all visit Capricorn and your communication house, along with a lunar eclipse.

Meantime, the Sun is in Cancer and your expansive ninth house until July 22, making you yearn for new horizons. If your city has rolled back quarantine restrictions, you might take advantage (safely) of the reopening phase and head out on the road. Find a way to get a fresh change of scenery, even if it’s just a day trip.

Staying on top of all the details while you multitask will be your main challenge. Anxious Mars will zoom through Aries until January 6, heating up your administrative and health-conscious sixth house. With revved-up Mars here, you can go from zero to boiling-point frustration at warp speed. You’ll need plenty of outlets—and exercise is a great one—to restore a state of calm. Reboot your summer fitness efforts, deep-clean your home and carefully manage your stress levels.

Keep your eye on the big picture while the Sun’s in Cancer and your worldly, expansive ninth house through July 22. This time is typically favorable for travel, entrepreneurship and learning. While you may be restricted from some of these things due to pandemic rollbacks, find a way to bring adventure and growth into your life however you can. If you’ve got Zoom fatigue, hop on a mastermind call while you take a brisk walk. Road trip to a beautiful nature spot or a cute little town for hand-dipped ice cream, window shopping and a hike. Wide open spaces and novel experiences will go far.

But keep your itinerary loose because Mercury—the planet of technology, communication and travel—is retrograde in Cancer from June 18 to July 12. Mischievous Mercury could mess with your agenda, and given how tenuous travel is right now as the virus surges, you don’t want to lose money and time.

Got something to get off your chest? The Sun in your outspoken ninth house can help you voice what you’ve been keeping inside. Important: Choose your words VERY carefully during Mercury’s backspin. Even your best intentions to create harmony could be misunderstood.

July’s planets will both loosen AND tame your tongue. With three planets in Capricorn and your third house of communication, it’s an ideal month to look at your messaging and conversation style. How do you share your opinions and ideas, Scorpio? Even if you think you’ve found the perfect words, what really matters is how the OTHER person receives them. Sure, you can’t completely control that—they bring a whole universe of past experiences to the party.

On July 1, discerning Saturn, the planet of authority and structure, will back into Capricorn for a final visit, staying until December 17. Saturn first arrived in this zone on December 2017, prompting you to get serious about your communication and friendships. You’ve been building more enduring bonds, aligning yourself with an upgraded social circle and possibly taking on a prominent position at work. Your relationship with a sibling or neighbor could also have matured under Saturn’s solidifying influence.

On March 1, weighty Saturn embarked on a short “recon mission” to Aquarius, moving into your fourth house of home and family. Your focus shifted to more domestic concerns—which made quarantine both emotionally heavy and wildly productive for you. We’d be willing to bet you did a major decluttering or household revamp this year…or at least, planned to! Some Scorpios went full-force and started a home-based business; others deepened bonds with loved ones. But somber Saturn could also have left you feeling isolated and moody—and you’re ready to shake that off.

Now Saturn will take one final lap through Capricorn for the rest of the year, not to return until 2047. Use this time to really tweak your friendships and refine your intellect. If you’ve been developing a media or educational project, take your craft seriously. Are you an expert in your field? Working with a mentor or a seasoned pro (perhaps an agent or rep) can bring your concepts to a wider market. The third house rules neighborhoods, and you may get involved in local events and initiatives. (Is it time to join the Chamber of Commerce or volunteer in your school district?) With Saturn in this kindred-spirit sector, you could team up with a synergistic soul and develop an indie business venture.

You’re all the more motivated to team up for a win-win because enterprising Jupiter is traveling through Capricorn in close proximity to your ruler, powerhouse Pluto. They’re fresh off a June 30 exact conjunction (meetup), which could have sparked a huge conversation or an offer that rocked your world.

These two planets will continue to merge their superpowers all month, emboldening you to speak up! Whether you’re sharing a brilliant idea or a bold opinion, truth-teller Jupiter revealed what Pluto’s been hiding. The key? Recognize your limiting beliefs and how they hold you back. It’s time to break this pattern already.

And if that mega mindset shift hasn’t happened yet, don’t worry: On July 4-5, a Capricorn lunar (full moon) eclipse will bring it ALL out into the open. Your words will draw attention, so choose them with extreme care. This is not the time to be putting ignorant or ill-informed comments into the public domain (not that there’s ever a good time for that…).

The eclipse could deliver news that changes the course of events—so keep your devices charged! This is the grand finale in an eclipse series that’s rippled across the Cancer/Capricorn axis since July 2018. Long-awaited decisions or updates could arrive at last. You’ve been working hard for this moment, Scorpio. When it arrives, seize it!

Midmonth, you’d be wise to hold back a bit since the Sun gets embroiled in its annual oppositions with Jupiter (July 14) and Pluto (July 15). Controversial statements and sarcastic remarks could land you in hot water. Is it worth it to level a low blow? Even if you’ve been hurt, a passive-aggressive barb will only keep the chain of pain going. Tame the snark, Scorpio, and keep it high-vibe. Voice your feelings with tact ONLY.

Better still? Save the big conversations for July 20, when the year’s second consecutive new moon in Cancer turns a fresh page in your communication sector. This new moon will echo the June 21 Cancer solar eclipse. A conversation that started then could pick up again. If you’ve been unsure about a collaboration or whether to pursue a project, you’ll get more clarity now.

Prioritizing gets much easier starting July 22 as the Sun begins its annual visit to Leo and your tenth house of career and leadership. You’ll be able to sort through all the exciting ideas and focus your energy. Where would you like to be by the end of the year? Map out your vision then work backward, identifying milestones and breaking down action steps. This reverse-engineering process can help you stay on top of your goals, even if the future of work (and maybe even your job status) is uncertain.

If you’re totally off your schedule from the pandemic, Leo season is a great time to implement simple lifestyle changes and regular practices—possibly with the help of a coach—that keep you anchored. Start each day with a realistic but inspiring mission, and you’ll end with a sense of real accomplishment. No matter how small, those daily wins DO add up!


If you lost that lovin’ feeling for the six weeks that vixen Venus was backstroking through your eighth house of seduction and merging, you’re probably already starting to feel like your old self again, Scorpio! On June 25, the love goddess pivoted into direct motion, and hopefully you’re getting back on track emotionally AND sexually. If you’re in a relationship, you may have struggled to get “in the mood” or found yourself pining for a former love.

Still feeling stuck? That might be a sign that you need to talk things through or consider a change. But know that all couples have their ups and downs, and it’s how you deal with the lows that most impact the longevity of a union. Single or newly dating? No doubt pandemic-induced isolation set you back a step or two, but with Venus direct, you can work on regaining traction. Or cut bait and go fish in new waters!

Not sure WHAT you want? Look back to what was getting you stoked from April 3 to mid-May. Venus will traverse those same degrees of Gemini between now and August 7, offering a rare do-over. Something that stalled—or never got off the ground—could pick up again. Your seductive powers will reignite as you reconnect to your sensual superpower once again.

Meanwhile, your co-ruler, feisty and driven Mars, is spending an extra-long and super-rare six months in Aries and your sixth house of health, healing and habits. True, that doesn’t exactly scream “hot sex life,” but stop and look below the surface (your specialty!). If you’re not enjoying toe-curling romance, is it “them” or might you be out of sync with your own body or prevailing moods? There’s nothing like good clean living to naturally boost the libido! Summer is the perfect time to eat lower (and lighter) on the food chain and get moving on a daily basis.

Mars can also motivate you to shed any bad habits you picked up in quarantine (and hey, no judging if you binged on carbs or stopped working out, like most of the world). One step at a time WILL get you to the finish line, which of course is a moving target. But watch out for a critical/self-critical streak now. Shaming anyone never advances your cause. Be open and vulnerable… and if you need professional help, humble thyself and get it!

Key Dates:
July 27: Venus-Neptune square

This third and final clash between the most idealistic planets is like a “final exam”: What big lessons did you learn this summer about keeping it real? Are you now clear on the difference between an innocent crush and an unhealthy obsession? With a real partner, you should be able to say what you feel without worrying that they’ll bolt. But don’t worry if you’re not “there” yet: Practice makes perfect!

Love Days: 9, 14
Money Days: 20, 2
Luck Days: 19, 26
Off Days: 12, 17, 25

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