Supreme’s Coronavirus Relief Tee Is the Hottest Item on the Secondary Market

A small bit of good news last week came when Supreme announced it would use its most valuable resource—a box logo T-shirt—as a tool for COVID-19 relief. The resulting T-shirt, made in collaboration with artist Takashi Murakami, was released on Friday, with all proceeds from the sale going to HELP USA, an organization fighting homelessness … Read more

Call It #Menswear 2.0: Why Everyone Will Be Dressing Up Again After Coronavirus

The first #menswear movement courted men coming out of the other side of the ‘08 recession with a certain type of style. Clothes were prized because they were trend-immune and well-made enough to last through seemingly every style mutation. Brands touted their heritage—a badge that proved they and their clothes had been, and would be, … Read more

“The Streets Were Basically Empty”: Coronavirus Comes for Street Style

Fenimore usually lives in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, but he is currently quarantined on Long Island. He notes that street style only makes up about 20% of his annual income—but also mentions that, due to the pandemic, new photography assignments of any nature are few and far between. For now, Fenimore is trying to … Read more

Grey’s Anatomy and Other Medical Shows Donate Supplies to Fight Novel Coronavirus

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, many healthcare workers are reportedly experiencing a shortage of medical supplies needed to fight COVID-19. To help alleviate the shortage and fight the spread of the virus, many medical TV shows have announced that they are donating their on-set medical supplies to local hospitals and medical centers in … Read more