Can I Still Dress All in Black?

Years ago, at barely 20 and as a bicycle racer without a team affiliation, I started wearing black. I then began choosing black shirts, shoes, trousers and jackets (the exceptions being pure white shirts with my suit and, once or twice at Christmas, a red tie). I like wearing black and have continued to do … Read more

A.O.C.’s Met Gala Designer Explains Her ‘Tax the Rich’ Dress

The day after the gown she designed for Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made global headlines, Aurora James was reflecting on the fact that she didn’t see many other Black women designers represented at the Met Gala, which this year was meant to celebrate “American independence.” (There were several Black men designers in attendance as guests or … Read more

How To Lace All Your Dress Shoes (The Right Way)

Even that three-piece Tom Ford suit isn’t going to be enough to make you look good when you’re lying face down in a pile of your own teeth, surrounded by startled party guests, with your shoes a few yards behind you. While it may be an unpleasant one, that mental image should illustrate to you … Read more

How To Dress Like The Spider-Man Star

It should have taken a hero of enormous stature to stand up and outshine the Avengers, but Tom Holland did it with little more than superheroic likability. Okay, that and a Spider-Man suit. The British actor is still a relative newcomer in Hollywood but has the poise and profile of someone who’s been doing it … Read more

How To Dress Like The Sharpest Man On TV

Harvey Specter. For those in the know, it’s a name that conjures up a knowing nod of agreement among men and women alike: goddamn, that guy looks good in a suit. If you’ve seen any of the high-stakes legal drama, Suits, (the clue is in the title; and yes, it’s the one that starred the Royal Family’s … Read more

How A Man Should Dress In His 40s

They say that life begins at 40, which frankly is a little bit too Benjamin Button for comfort. It’s also not true, clearly. Even if you can reasonably expect to make it to 80, up from a short and not especially sweet 25 in medieval times, your fifth decade is middle age at best; you’re … Read more

How A Man Should Dress In His 30s

Your twenties are about discovering who you are, or working out who you want to be. But in your thirties, you can very quickly rack up more separate identities than a millennial ‘slashie’. Career-man-slash-husband-slash-father. Somehow you have to blend them all into one coherent wardrobe while at the same time clinging onto your fading youth … Read more

How A Man Should Dress In His 20s

Your twenties – or the early ones at least – are the “wonder years”. You wonder how you’re ever going to pay off these tuition fees. Why people voluntarily choose to get married and have children. Why you drunk so many Jagerbombs last night. You also wonder what to wear, which is complicated by the … Read more

What It Means & How To Dress For It

How do you define cocktail attire? Like many of the puzzling dress codes that crop up on fancy invitations now and again, the barometers are not immediately clear – at least, that is, for men. This is one of the (very) few occasions in life when women have it easier. There’s even a book on … Read more