An E-Commerce Site for Ukrainian Fashion

Angel for Fashion is a new e-commerce platform that sells the wares of 30 Ukrainian designers. The styles it offers are eclectic: There are breezy dresses inspired by traditional Ukrainian designs from the Foberini label; cheekily glamorous looks from Frolov; and macabre leather offerings, like Kofta bags and Bob Basset masks and harnesses. “It’s one … Read more

Where Fashion Stylists Shop for Vintage

A turning point came in 2014 when they set up shop as a vintage pop-up at the V.O.D. boutique in Dallas. “The response was so overwhelming, it took us aback,” Ms. Boufelfel said. “It was a ready-to-wear customer who didn’t know how to mix it — they weren’t women who would walk into a vintage … Read more

Fashion Is Getting an Inclusion Rider

In 2018, the actress Frances McDormand gave an acerbic Oscars acceptance speech in which she celebrated “hooligans and anarchists” and “feminist mothers,” but also ended on a two-word suggestion to her Hollywood peers, with no further explanation: “inclusion rider.” While her speech generated buzz around the idea of an inclusion rider — a contract provision … Read more

Opening Ceremony Fashion: Best and Worst

Opening Ceremony Fashion: Best and Worst Vanessa FriedmanWatching the Olympics from New York James Hill for The New York Times The parade of nations in the Winter Olympics is really the parade of puffers. Unlike the Summer Games, cold weather means less room for fashion. Still, some countries tried their best → Source link

Could Detroit Become the Next Fashion City?

“I think our landlord is like, ‘What are you guys doing?’” said Cassidy Tucker, sitting alongside her sister Kelsey on a Zoom call from their Detroit studio last week. Surrounding them was a pileup of 50 pieces of original artwork, with several 8-foot-by-4-foot mural-like sculptures meant to approximate the pages of a giant storybook. The … Read more