Cushnie, a Fashion Label That Broke Barriers, Is Closing

From the early days of the pandemic, Carly Cushnie was worried. “It’s at a point now where everyone is really freaking out,” Ms. Cushnie, a 36-year-old designer, told The New York Times this spring. “I’m definitely concerned about getting through it. I haven’t even thought about September.” Ms. Cushnie and her company made it through … Read more

Guess What? More Time Makes a Fashion Show Much Better

The desire to buck a stifling system can make allies of even the most unlikely names. Thus emerged the breakaway contingent of fashion brands from Tokyo to Antwerp to New York that seized the pandemic-spawned moment of largely digital shows to rethink when and where they would reveal their new collections. Opting out of the … Read more

Can Fashion Photography Survive the Pandemic?

In the 1930s and ‘40s, when the photographer Louise Dahl-Wolfe took models out of the studio and onto location — shooting them poolside for Harper’s Bazaar, say — she was making pictures about freedom, about women’s changing role in society, about travel and leisure culture. In 1975, when Helmut Newton took his famous image of … Read more

Kenzo Takada, Who Brought Japanese Fashion to the World, Dies at 81

“His first fashion shows were memorable,” Mr. Gabet said. “Light and playful, with models more dancing and walking than presenting clothes, faraway from the hierarchical vision of French couture.” Known for his sense of fun, Mr. Takada — who disliked being known as a “Japanese designer” since he considered himself a “fashion designer” first — … Read more

Fungus May Be Fall’s Hottest Fashion Trend

It may be fashion week in Paris, with showgoers in face coverings parsing runway looks from the latest designer ready-to-wear collections, but several thousand miles away from the French capital, out of the dank, dark belly of an industrial hangar, a potentially more momentous industry trend is … growing. Mushroom leather might not sound stylish. … Read more

How Many Lives Can a Fashion Brand Have?

Then there is the American fashion brand Bill Blass, which was purchased in 2008 by the entrepreneurial brothers Cin and Peter Kim, who made their money producing dress shirts and neckwear for the mass market. The Kims hired designer Chris Benz, formerly of J. Crew, to reposition the brand for Gen Xers, and, like the … Read more

7 Summer Fashion Trends That Are Popular in London

Take a quick glance at London-based digital marketing consultant Chloé Pierre’s Instagram feed and it’s pretty obvious that she has an undeniably cool style. From her proclivity towards the latest trends to the way she infuses classic basics into her of-the-moment looks, a lot can be learned from following her fashionable pursuits. This skillset of hers is precisely why I … Read more