The Complete Guide To Wearing Checks

Who would have thought that a bunch of intersecting lines of various widths, colours and spacings, first devised to delineate different highland clans from one another, would become one of the most plundered fashion tropes of all time? Perhaps it’s the geometric simplicity of checks, plus the almost infinite colour combinations, that have made this … Read more

The Complete Guide To Tweed And How To Wear It Now

Like denim, tweed is one of those fabrics that everyone knows, and everyone has some idea about – typically, in the latter’s case, that it’s a slightly old-fashioned choice, beloved of professorial types, of would-be country squires and Conservative politicians. But that’s to malign what is one of the most noble – and impressive – … Read more

A Complete Guide For Men

Let’s get one thing straight: you don’t have to obsess about colour. No one is going to judge you for wearing last season’s shade of russet instead of this season’s shade of smokey topaz. If they do, they deserve to be slapped a shade of 2015’s Marsala red. As long as you follow the obvious … Read more

Men’s Winter Fashion 2019: A Complete Style Guide

The 6 Biggest Menswear Trends For Autumn/Winter Right now, menswear is experimental. It’s personal. It’s transgressive. And that makes it more fun than it’s ever been before. But menswear’s more-is-more moment makes it surprisingly tough to identify trends. To help, we’ve broken down the looks that appeared across multiple runways and which we can imagine … Read more

Bergamot Fragrances: An Expert Guide

Rebuffing the expectation that masculine fragrances must be heavy and intense enough to strip hairs from nostrils, citrus-tinged bergamot has climbed the olfactory ranks to become one of the most lusted-after smells in men’s grooming. Unlike heavier ingredients such as oud and musk (which should be approached with a judicious degree of caution) bergamot offers … Read more

1920s Men’s Fashion: The Complete Guide

Few shows have had quite the impact on menswear as Peaky Blinders. When it first aired in 2013, it almost single-handedly brought back the baker boy cap and now the likes of David Beckham and Ryan Reynolds are regularly seen sporting them. The former’s own brand, Kent & Curwen, even produced a Peaky Blinders capsule … Read more

The Complete Guide To Tonal Dressing

You don’t have to be a fashion victim to try out tonal dressing. Once upon a time, wearing the same hue – or variations of it – from head-to-foot was seen as an overly simplistic way of getting dressed. These days, it’s a tactic often used by guys-about-town like David Beckham, Ryan Reynolds and Nick … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Tencel Fabric

Think of sustainable fabrics, and your mind probably wanders to ill-fitting hemps and other itchy fibres normally associated with people who sell ‘herbs’ at world music festivals. But as sustainability becomes an ever more pressing concern in fashion – which is the world’s second largest polluter, behind oil and gas production, let’s not forget – … Read more