35 Christmas Gifts for Couples They’ll Both Love

It’s fall, which means that it’s basically already Christmas, and you’re already behind tackling that seemingly endless gift list. One of the most notoriously challenging to check off the list is always Christmas gifts for couples.  Finding the perfect gift that fits both people’s interests and that they’ll both enjoy is tricky, if not nearly … Read more

She Fell in Love With Craftsmanship

From the sleek totes and compact clutches of her debut collection, called Initiale, Ms. Ahmimou has gravitated toward more voluminous shapes, which she said recall the rectangular bag for a JVC camera that her family used to take on trips, and multipocket designs she likens to “mobile architecture,” worked in sunbaked tones of clay, olive … Read more

For the (Renewed) Love of Vintage Dressing

It’s fair to say that as a nation, our style is, collectively, in a state of disaggregation. I blame the pandemic, changing bodies and atrophied social skills, though those are just working theories that lead to more questions. Do the old rules of dressing we once subscribed to even apply in a world where many … Read more

When the Only Sure Descriptor of Jewelry Is Love

The shift toward personalized rings actually began before the pandemic, especially among millennials and Generation Z couples. But lockdowns and small ceremonies accelerated the change, Ms. Roberts of Euromonitor said. And although rules regarding gatherings have begun to ease in some places — weddings in England, for example, now allow up to 30 guests — … Read more

Ink Your Love This Mother’s Day

Girls getting tattoos is understood, but mother-daughter tattoos is a new thing on the tattoo block. Maybe it’s a new way to show motherly-daughterly love and affection. Source: tattoosboygirl, wildtattooart Today, mother and daughter tattoos have become very popular, not just in America, but in other parts of the world as well. So, if you … Read more

‘Who Doesn’t Love a Diamond?’

LONDON — “The Lost Jewels,” Kirsty Manning’s third novel, takes readers inside the mystery of the Cheapside Hoard, a treasure trove of about 500 gold and gemstone pieces discovered in 1912 by demolition workers tearing up cellar floorboards in a house near St. Paul’s Cathedral. Who buried the hoard — and why — remains a … Read more