Why Dolly Parton Supports Black Lives Matter

Does country music legend Dolly Parton support the Black Lives Matter movement? Her answer is a no-brainer. “I understand people having to make themselves known and felt and seen,” the 74-year-old star recently told Billboard, sharing her support for the ongoing movement but admitting that she hasn’t attended any protests. “And of course Black lives … Read more

Meghan Markle on Black Lives Matter Movement and Moving to California

Meghan Markle interviewed non-profit The 19th*’s co-founder and CEO, Emily Ramshaw today for a virtual summit hosted by the organization. During the conversation she candidly discussed her experience of moving back to California in the midst of protests against police brutality and in support of Black Lives Matter. “To come back and to just see … Read more

10 Movies and Documentaries to Continue Your Black Lives Matter Activism

“The role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible.” —Toni Cade Bambara Artists, specifically the creatives who bring movies and documentaries to our screens, are weavers of narrative and truth. They also have the greatest potential to make facts stick with compelling stories brought to life. As such, films are incredibly powerful tools … Read more

Ashley Graham on Natural Childbirth, Her Baby Isaac, and Black Lives Matter

Dress, Mara Hoffman. Her own jewelry worn throughout. Justin Ervin Dialing in from a farm in Nebraska, where she is sequestered with her husband and seven-month-old baby boy, the supermodel opens up to close friend Kristen Bell about the “astronomical pain” of her natural childbirth, standing up for racial equality, and why she is not … Read more

Meet the Teen Black Lives Matter Activists Writing the Future

Over the last several months, Black Lives Matter protestors and activists have led the nation in an overdue reckoning, an excavation of how racism has permeated every aspect of American life: our schools, our policing, our workplaces, our justice system, our housing market, and more. For the young people in this movement, it’s a new … Read more

Monica Raymund on Hightown, Quarantine, and Supporting Black Lives Matter

As Hightown creator Rebecca Cutter remembers, Monica Raymund left her audition for the series lead saying, “You can cast whoever you want, but just so you know, I’m Jackie Quiñones.'” For her part, Raymund now realizes the potential riskiness of that move. “I love that story only because it worked out in the end,” she … Read more

The #OpenYourPurse Initiative Asks Celebs to Donate to the Black Lives Matter Movement

This past spring, as states went into lockdown and hospitals scrambled to secure enough PPE and space for the onslaught of COVID-19 patients, celebrities retreated into their multi-million dollar homes, mysteriously snagged hard-to-come-by coronavirus tests, and made jokes about how quarantine felt like “jail.” Maybe most notably, in the way that cringe-y social media gaffes … Read more

Prince Harry Acknowledges Black Lives Matter In Diana Awards Speech

Prince Harry says he’s “committed to being part of the solution” when it comes to dismantling institutional racism in the world. As part of his remarks during the virtual Diana Awards ceremony on what would’ve been Princess Diana’s 59th birthday, Harry became the first House of Windsor heir to openly acknowledge the Black Lives Matter … Read more

Pose Star Ryan Jamaal Swain Asks, Why Is It Such A Laborious Task For Black Lives to Matter?

It’s June, we’re still in the midst of a pandemic, and while we’d normally be celebrating the kickoff to summer and Pride month, we’re in the midst of international crisis, with unrest finally coming to a head. We are urging the world to face the person in the mirror and change their harmful, dangerous ways, … Read more