The Alternative Trousers To Try This Season

Trousers maketh man, a great man once told us. Or was it manners? Whichever it was, we’re sure he’d agree that a good pair of slacks can be transformative. Though often overlooked in favour of the latest must-cop shirt or have-to-have-it jacket, a pair of well-fitting trousers can leave you look taller (cropped styles do … Read more

9 Scents Worth Trying This Season

The step-change in seasons can happen almost overnight. One minute you’re sipping margaritas in nothing but a pair of swim shorts. The next, you’ve switched to the heavier duvet, reclaimed the overcoat from the back of the wardrobe and shelved the barbecue in favour of a roast. So why are you still spritzing like it’s … Read more

Suddenly It’s Bare Season – The New York Times

Who hasn’t had the nightmare? It’s the one about being caught in public dressed in your undies. Therapists and dream bibles tend to cast these dreams as symbolic expressions of shame or repression. Yet what if the so-called experts are wrong and these dreams are instead a subconscious bid for liberation? Shed the embarrassment along … Read more

The Gala Season Restarts with Hats Galore

From afar, it looked like a confectioner’s window, a pastry assortment of fanciful forms: mille-feuilles, pecan wedges, fruit tarts and tall layer cakes, lavishly embellished and colorfully glazed. But it was the Frederick Law Olmsted Awards Luncheon, popularly known as the Central Park hat luncheon. A fabled rite of the spring social season, it returned … Read more