Umbrella Academy Season 2 Sir Reginald Alien Theory

CHRISTOS KALOHORIDISNetflix Even though his death was the inciting event that kicked off the whole series, Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) has remained a major player throughout both seasons of The Umbrella Academy. Thanks to their jump back through time into the 1960s, the Hargreeves siblings were able to meet a much younger version of … Read more

Watch Video of Beyoncé Dancing With Son Sir During ‘Black Is King’ Filming

Beyoncé has shared very limited looks at her three-year-old twins Sir and Rumi Carter’s lives on her social media. But the twins’ stylist (yes, they and their older sister Blue Ivy Carter have a stylist) Manuel A. Mendez offered fans a rare, extended look at Bey with Sir while they were filming Black Is King. … Read more