20 Face Masks to Buy Based on Your Personal Style

Personal style cannot be categorised in just five small descriptors, but for the digestibility of this story, that’s exactly what I did. Think of this as one of those articles you used to read in teen magazines that told you which celebrity crush you’re most likely to marry or which trend you should buy according to … Read more

Look Back at Princess Diana’s Wimbledon Style

If it were any other year, Wimbledon would currently be taking place in London. Though, if there’s anything we know to be true, it is that 2020 is no ordinary year. While this year’s tennis tournament may be cancelled, we can’t help but reminisce on the immaculate courtside style of Wimbledon’s past. Of course, you … Read more

Holly’s Stylist Angie Smith Gave Me the Best Style Advice

As a fashion editor, I’ve prided myself on being sure of my style. But as the weeks have gone on and I’m still working from home, I’m not embarrassed to admit I’m a bit confused about my wardrobe right now. (Okay, so we’re not in full lockdown anymore, and being outside is a much more realistic … Read more

6 H&M Items The Style Set Is Loving Right Now

There’s no denying that this summer H&M has created some real winners in the fashion department. From the puff sleeve pink dress, that’s been worn by Zeena, Karoline Dall and more, to the sheer wrap top that garnered the attention of Claire Wakeman and Katherine Omerod, the brand can certainly be credited for some of the most … Read more

Master L.A.-GIrl Style With These 8 Outfits

Nothing makes getting ready in the morning easier than having an arsenal of go-to outfits to fall back on. Whether it’s a classic dress-and-shoe combo, ideas for styling tricky pieces like Bermuda shorts or a tracksuit look that is anything but boring, we could all use some more outfit ideas to mix things up. That’s why I’m looking … Read more

This Street Style Portrait Series is Contributing to The Loveland Foundation

Photography courtesy of Sabrina Fenster/StreetScout100% of the proceeds from Canadian street style photographer Sabrina Fenster’s photos will be given to the organization founded by activist Rachel Cargle. By Odessa Paloma Parker Date July 2, 2020 icon-facebook icon-twitter There are many different ways to support the Black Lives Matter movement through advocacy and financial investment. And … Read more

This Is How French Girls Do Summer Style

It’s no secret that we’re enamored with French-girl style over here at Who What Wear. From the effortless basics they wear time and again to the lingerie brands they love and the beauty products they swear by to their low-maintenance haircuts, we love to delve into how to achieve that effortlessly cool, unconventional yet refined French-girl aesthetic. So now that summer … Read more

12 Classic Basics That Will Always Be in Style

Personal style is something that is always evolving, but one thing that will remain consistent are the classic basics that form the foundation in your wardrobe along the way. There comes a point in one’s style journey when basics no longer become the “boring” items in one’s closet but the necessities.  Today, we are here to show you … Read more

The Best Workout Gear and Sweats to Buy During Amazon’s Big Style Sale

Staying in shape is hard enough as it is during a pandemic—don’t make it even harder by trying to exercise in worn-out, substandard gym gear. If you’re in need of an upgrade, there are reams of performance-enhancing shorts, sweat-wicking tees, and post-workout sweats available at massive discounts right now during Amazon’s Big Style Sale. These … Read more