Everything Looks Different Now – The New York Times

MILAN — Backstage at the Moschino show on Thursday, the day Russia attacked Ukraine, the designer Jeremy Scott was standing amid models dressed in clothing made to resemble the furnishings of a grand manse — a lampshade hat that was an actual lampshade; a satin bedspread coat complete with pillow as collar; a grandfather clock … Read more

Should I Buy Shapewear? – The New York Times

Over the years I’ve seen many women in mermaid dresses or skintight knit dresses (especially on the red carpet) with no visible underwear lines or fat bulges. How is that done? I’m a fit woman, but as I have gotten older, even I have a belly and back fat. What’s the secret? — Liza, Michigan … Read more

Streetwear Is Dead – The New York Times

It is as big a shift as when ready-to-wear merged with made-to-measure in the 1960s and ’70s. And yet, while the evolution has been taking place for a while, the “streetwear” designation lingers. As fashion week dawns, say many designers, it’s time to bury it. What does it even mean? “I’d like to have a … Read more

The Year of Balenciaga – The New York Times

Demna Gvasalia and I meet in the metaverse, in a glassed-in conference room in an unnamed city. Though the buildings suggest Singapore by way of the Jetsons. “This is kind of trippy,” said the avatar otherwise known as the creative director of Balenciaga, upon materializing in the room. “What do I have on? What kind … Read more

Turning Air Into Perfume – The New York Times

Carbon emissions — the villainous byproduct of so many industries — are the greenhouse gas most responsible for climate change. The emissions play a key role in our extreme weather patterns, and in many of the general environmental catastrophes that are becoming more and more frequent. While capping carbon dioxide from being freely dumped into … Read more

What Is SSENSE? – The New York Times

MONTREAL — In June, when Rami Atallah, the chief executive of SSENSE, learned that the online retailer he founded had received an investment that valued the company at $4.1 billion, he kept his cool. There were no uncorked bottles or public victory laps. His daily grind of consecutive Zoom meetings continued, unperturbed. Never mind that … Read more

Primp Your Ride – The New York Times

“I have this weird sickness that I only see what’s wrong with things,” he said. “Blemishes pop out at me violently. My clients tell me, ‘You’re insane. And I’m willing to pay for that insanity.’” Mr. Kosilla grew up in Rye, N.Y., the son of a fireman and a teacher’s aide, and even as a … Read more

A Talent for Talent – The New York Times

New York magazine wanted the model for its fall fashion issue. “I have a big mouth,” said Mr. Werts, who took the story’s writer out for drinks. It became five pages and a cover, under the headline “The Prettiest Boy in the World.” With that, Mr. Werts was minted an agent. He and Mr. Hendrich … Read more