Fungus May Be Fall’s Hottest Fashion Trend

It may be fashion week in Paris, with showgoers in face coverings parsing runway looks from the latest designer ready-to-wear collections, but several thousand miles away from the French capital, out of the dank, dark belly of an industrial hangar, a potentially more momentous industry trend is … growing. Mushroom leather might not sound stylish. … Read more

This Pale Beige Autumn Trend Looks So Chic

If there’s one word that summarised 2019’s style aesthetic, it would have to be beige. Instagram went wild for the shade, with feeds filling up with earthy-hued snapshots, meanwhile at fashion week the pavements were strewn with stripped-back ensembles in 50 shades of, you guessed it, beige. Now, I’m going to sound very ‘fashion’ right now, but 2020 has seen … Read more

Crochet Is The Retro-Inspired Trend We’re Loving This Summer

Cast your mind back to the beginning of summer and you might remember the pop-culture phenomenon that was Harry Styles’ Watermelon Sugar video. The clip featured Styles amongst a group of revellers on the beach eating fruit while clad in an array of brightly coloured, vintage-printed swim and resort wear.  The video also featured an extensive … Read more

Tie Dye Trend 2020

Style Points is a new weekly column about how fashion intersects with the wider world. In the early evenings, Esther Povitsky heads outside to begin her meditation. This being Los Angeles, you might think that involves crystals or ashwaganda, but, she says, “‘Sit down, hold your back up, close your eyes and think about nothing’—that’s … Read more

Vintage Ikea is the Cool New Design Trend

David Pierce, the Los Angeles owner of MIDCENTURYLA, which specializes in furniture of that era and imports Swedish, Danish, and Brazilian styles, among others, has been selling Ikea for 16 years. When he started, he told me, he “debated whether it was smart to reveal” whether a piece was Ikea—but he does so now. Cat … Read more