Watches, Unusual Names and Social Responsibility

When Alexander Mehdi Bennouna, a former chief executive of Victorinox Swiss Army, co-founded a new watch brand last year, he did not name it after himself, like many watchmakers have done, or choose something that emphasized the company’s Swiss roots. Instead, the collection, which introduced its first timepieces on Kickstarter in June, was called DecideAndAct. … Read more

The Best Watches Under £350

As watch budgets go, this used to be a bit of a no-man’s land – not enough money to start investing in the big names, but a little too much to play fast and loose with the fashion brands. Then recessions hit, purse strings got tightened, which in turn bred a new kind of watch … Read more

The Best Heritage Reissue Watches To Buy In 2021

Plundering the past isn’t a new thing for watch brands; however, recently it seems we’ve reached ‘heritage’ saturation. Going to the Baselworld or SIHH watch fairs is like walking into a horological Downton Abbey, with everything lovingly recreated down to the perfectly faux-aged patina. But there’s a reason for this, other than vintage style still … Read more

The Best Watches Under £200 You Can Buy In 2021

There’s a longstanding belief that watches under £200 are sub-par. It’s simply not true. While Swiss timepieces boast painstaking craftsmanship – and with it, painful price tags – affordable tickers shouldn’t be discounted, especially when it comes to function. “Many watches under £200 may not boast the Swiss made stamp, but they’re by no means … Read more

The Best Men’s Watches Under £1000

“You get what you pay for,” is always used to justify spending more. Whether it’s cars, meals or winter coats, there is an inherent belief that the more noughts on the price tag, the better something is. Watches used to be the same – spend big and you’ll be rewarded for it, whether that’s in … Read more

The Best Watches Under £500 You Can Buy In 2021

Generally speaking, a decent watch costs a lot more than the clothes on your back. Sure, £500 is a considerable sum to drop on your wrist, and while that budget could deck you out with a new wardrobe, it will only just tick the required boxes of a quality timepiece: classic design, reliable mechanics and … Read more

Chronograph Watches: An Expert’s Guide

Considering they’re basically jumped-up stopwatches, timepieces with a chronograph function definitely have something about them. Perhaps it’s the fact they’ve been integral to the history of automotive sport, aviation and space travel. Perhaps it’s that Paul Newman wore one (his 1968 Rolex Daytona recently became one of the most expensive wristwatches ever sold at auction, … Read more