Rudis Sylva Finally Gets to Show Its Watches

Jacky Epitaux, chief executive and president of Rudis Sylva, was relieved. After waiting two years for the physical Watches & Wonders fair to return, he was making final plans to show his high complication watches in Geneva this week. The goal? “To increase awareness” of the small independent brand, he said during a recent video … Read more

Watches Are Getting a Lot More Edgy

Move over classic round watches. The shape of things to come seems to be more sharp edges than gentle curves. And the humble watch part making it all happen? The bezel, the piece that rings a watch’s dial and holds the protective crystal glass in place. In line with the continuing popularity of luxury sport … Read more

JBW Watches Review: Everything You Need To Know

When it comes to the subject of wristwatches and ‘Bling,’ at what point is enough, enough? Some might argue you can never have too much and that’s undoubtedly the case with JBW watches. Just Bling Watch, mostly known as JBW, is a watch brand with no qualms about flashing reflective rocks in your face—particularly those … Read more

Skagen Watches Review : Everything You Need To Know

History of Skagen Watches Founded by a Danish couple, Henrik and Charlotte Jorst, in 1989, Skagen Watches quickly captured the watch scene after being showcased at a corporate gift fair in New York in 1991.  While coming to America to continue his life in the beer industry, Henrik and Charlotte also began to represent and … Read more

To Start 2022, Watches With ‘Wow’

The watch industry had been preparing to restart in-person events this year. But as cases of the Covid-19 Omicron variant spiked, LVMH Watch Week in Geneva, which had been scheduled to begin Monday, was rescheduled as an online program — and the rest of the early 2022 calendar became uncertain. Not that the pandemic is … Read more

LVMH’s Focus? More Costly Watches.

Stéphane Bianchi’s climb up the watch industry ladder may have happened in double-quick time, but the 57-year-old Frenchman said his three years at the helm of watch operations for LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton had taught him that “the watch industry is a school of patience.” “I wanted to redefine some watches and some movements, … Read more

Taking Gender Out of Watches

From men in corsets on the fashion runways to paper-towel ads promoting the brawn of women, changing perceptions of gender are upending the way many products are being marketed. Even the watchmaking industry, which long catered to a mostly male clientele, shifted its focus to women in recent decades. Efforts to target female collectors produced … Read more

Stauer Watches Review: A Brand Created For Performance And Precision

There are certain universal truths — let’s call them commandments — that quality timepieces must adhere to… Thou shalt be Swiss-made Thou shalt cost an arm and a leg Thou shalt have a high barrier to entry   Sometimes, sure. There’s nothing wrong with a well-deserved splurge from time to time.  But that’s not what … Read more

Relic Watches Review: Everything You Need To Know About Fossil’s “Plan B” Watches

Relic watches are the brainchild of the famous Fossil Group. They have been making timepieces that offer a balance of quality and value since 1984. When other watchmakers were still producing classic designs, Fossil opted to listen to current fashion tastes and create modern timepieces that quickly became highly sought after.  Fossil watches do a … Read more