Can a Man Wear Mules to Work?

While some folks have sprinted out of lockdown keen to make up for lost time, a number of men have, er, shuffled back onto the streets. They are ambling, dawdling and slouching to lunches, drinks and work meetings, powered by insouciance rather than haste. They are on mule time. Their feet are shod in clogs, … Read more

The Styles That Work And How To Get Them

The big bushy beard thing. We get it. A lustrous chin wig has long been a symbol of masculinity, virility and even wisdom; a hairy badge of honour, if you will. All the best people have them too: Jason Momoa, Brian Blessed, Zeus, Gandalf…the list goes on. As manly as they may be, massive beards … Read more

Do Hair Loss Shampoos Actually Work?

There’s not baldy-headed chap alive who doesn’t vividly remember the moment he looked in the mirror and realised for the first time that his beloved hair was retreating from battle. It’s a harrowing moment in which a man learns two unsettling things simultaneously. Firstly, his looks are about to change forever. And secondly, he’s not … Read more

A Fashion Show That Pretty Much Was a Work of Art

The Venice Biennale has long been a magnet for the fashion flock, a place to trawl for art and ideas the way it once shopped for buttons and trim in the garment districts of the world; to perhaps engineer the Next Big Art/Fashion collaboration, a mutually beneficial back-scratching arrangement of marketing and commerce that has … Read more

How Should I Dress for Work Now?

I am a physician, and now that Covid has improved, I am ready to get out of my scrubs. But what to wear under my white coat? Suits or anything bulky don’t work, but neither does the crazy fashion some pundits are touting as what’s next. What to wear as I go back to work? … Read more