The 7 Items I Wear On Repeat When Working From Home

It’s also been 18 weeks of discovering a more laid-back side to my wardrobe, which is a big adjustment when you’re used to dressing up for work. It took me a few weeks to work out my personal dos and don’ts: For example, don’t wear anything restrictive, or any items that wrinkles when you sit down for long periods of time—but do have plenty of layers at hand and make the effort to change out of your pyjamas

It may have taken the entirety of spring and half of summer, but I think I’ve finally worked out my working from home winners. Most of my items have one thing in common: They are comfy and versatile, yet still posses style. Of course, for some people fashion kudos is very much at the bottom of their list, but as someone who gets joy from playing with clothes, I wanted to make sure I held onto some of that fashion flair. So, without further ado I present to you my working from home champions. From jumpsuits and throw-on dresses, to pretty tops and chunky sandals, scroll down to see what I chose. 

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