The Best 20 Anti-Ageing Moisturisers

It seems that serums have stolen some of the spotlight away from moisturisers. There’s always a new serum or treatment that grabs the attention of beauty fans but when’s the last time you heard someone raving about a moisturiser?

But, honestly if you find a high-performance moisturiser that you get on with, then your skin is in for a treat. Unfortunately, the most results-driven ones in the bunch can usually be found in “anti-ageing moisturiser” categories. A term that surely we need to move past now. But, as our skin changes over the course of our lives, our product requirements can also change.

Ultimately, what we’re looking for here are moisturisers that actually do the job and can team up with us to work with our skin concerns. Everyone has their thing, whether that’s looking for more moisture, radiance or a bouncier and smoother texture to your skin. 

Keep scrolling to find out the moisturisers that you need to make space for. 

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