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July’s starmap finds you solidifying key relationships—from friendships to romance to intimate ties. The planets are clustered in three of the four cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer and Capricorn), pushing you to look at yourself in relation to others. How do you interact with people, from perfect strangers to your inner circle? Where do you get triggered: sharing money, navigating power dynamics, exposing your emotions? This month’s cosmic lineup will reveal MUCH!

For starters, the Sun is in Cancer and your eleventh house of groups and teamwork, ramping up your social life until July 22. If you’ve been flying solo or feel isolated after months of quarantine, you could suddenly find yourself surrounded by people! Will it be a shock to your system? Probably. Your sign is already discerning about the company you keep. Whether it’s a crowded Zoom room or a socially distanced gathering, you could get a bit overwhelmed.

Your ruler, Mercury, the planet of communication, travel and technology, is also retrograde from June 18 to July 12, backing through Cancer and this same outgoing zone of your chart. It’s a great time for reunions with old friends and contacts or to revive a stalled collaboration. But be careful of what you sign up for, Virgo. You could end up with an overpacked calendar and no free time for yourself. Misunderstandings can flare up in any team endeavors, so choose your alliances carefully!

That’s especially important because competitive and driven Mars is taking an extra-long trip through Aries, activating your eighth house of merging and intimacy. Jealousy and rivalries may ignite—along with smoldering sexual chemistry. Your connection to one special person could take top billing, which is a good reason to NOT spread yourself too thin among a million commitments. You’ll want to have quality time for your mind-body-soul connection, and maybe a sizzling summer romance, especially now that Venus has ended a challenging six-week retrograde.

An investment or joint business venture could also develop rapidly between now and early 2021. Pace yourself, no matter how exciting the opportunity sounds. Don’t rush to pool your funds or get involved in anything you can’t back out of, particularly in the first half of July while Mercury’s retrograde. Make sure you’ve read the fine print and fully understand what you’re signing up for here.

Love and creativity will take center stage this month because a cluster of planets—Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto—are in Capricorn and your passionate fifth house, along with a powerful lunar eclipse. Get ready for your heart to crack open up in a big way. And who knows what will come pouring out: a great work of art, a tsunami of love…or maybe just some raw emotions you’ve been holding in?

Whatever the case, it’s likely to come from a pretty profound place. Expansive Jupiter and subterranean Pluto are fresh from their June 30 conjunction (meetup), traveling close together in July and awakening strong feelings. Emotions you didn’t realize were there may have emerged from the depths of Pluto, only to be expressed by outspoken Jupiter. Someone may have surprised you and declared their love, perhaps a person from your past.

Warning: The fifth house can be a reactive space, and with so many planets here, you could speak without thinking, fanning the flames even more. Anger and frustration that you’ve stuffed down may surge up again. This is especially likely at the July 4-5 Capricorn lunar (full moon) eclipse, which will expose what you’ve kept hidden, possibly in a jarring way. Unprocessed feelings can come surging up—with more than a bit of drama. Love could take center stage now. With a game-changing eclipse in your fertility zone, this eclipse might even herald pregnancy news—or give birth to a creative “brainchild.” The July 4 fireworks may have been #canceled in the USA, but you could have a show of your own!

This is the grand finale of an eclipse series on the Cancer/Capricorn axis that began back in July 2018. These eclipses have been teaching you when to dive into something wholeheartedly and when to hang back and observe. You’ve learned lessons in love and friendship and opened up to contributions from other people. Even if you got burned a few times, you’ve undoubtedly grown.

As much as you feel the need to speak your truth (or rather, shout it from the rooftops), consider the impact of doing so before you press “post” or utter a word. Temperance is advised because on July 1, restrained Saturn will back into Capricorn for a final visit until December 17, not to return again until 2047. For the rest of the year, you might be better off crafting and refining your message than debuting it in any outspoken or showy way. Dial back the big displays of affection and emotion if you think it will overwhelm people.

Midmonth you could feel the tension between detaching from drama and diving into your feelings. The Sun will make its annual oppositions to Jupiter (July 14) and then Pluto (July 15). People could really push your buttons, and a battle of egos will ensue if you’re not careful. You may also decide to step back from a budding romantic relationship that’s getting too intense too soon. Couples who have been together nearly 2/47 this year may finally get time to pursue individual interests, which can help bring the spark back—AND clear up any residual irritation with each other.

You’ll get clear about who’s on Team Virgo after July 20, when a rare second Cancer new moon sweeps through your collaborative eleventh house. This lunation will echo the June 21 Cancer solar (new moon) eclipse that set events in motion. A group endeavor started last month might pick up steam, moving forward on a well-defined path at last. Or you’ll get clear about your level of commitment—casual or full-on? A friendship that’s been hanging in the balance may finally turn the corner. If your social life’s been stagnating from Covid restrictions, things could start opening up again.

But careful: This new moon will oppose Saturn in your expressive fifth house. Drama could erupt if you try to confront someone or settle a disagreement. Egos could once again flare. Be mindful what you post on social media. Under this punitive Saturn aspect, a misspoken comment could leave you facing “cancellation.”

Another reason not to rush back into the wider world? On July 22, the Sun will slip into Leo and your restful twelfth house for a month. Your energy could get depleted quickly, so you’ll need to pace yourself. Catch up on self-care and spend time near water if you can. Find time for the sacred solitude that Virgos crave, whether that’s an hour of meditation, healing bodywork (if those are allowed in your area) or a longer getaway off the grid. Your monastic soul feels restored when you can just “be”—far from the scrutiny of anyone’s gaze and demands. Only after you’ve nourished and nurtured yourself can you fulfill your role as the zodiac’s humble service provider, holding space for the planet.


Love: unblocked! It’s safe to start focusing on your romantic future now that Venus is marching forward in Gemini and your tenth house of long-range planning. This lengthy cycle (April 3 to August 7 including the six-week retrograde from May 13 to June 25) offers a chance to think about things deeply and then reassess them after you’ve watched how they’re playing out. And now that the love planet is traveling full speed ahead over the same degrees she visited BEFORE flipping into reverse, you can pick up what stalled last month or never had the opportunity to gain traction. You might also revisit interpersonal issues that didn’t get resolved in the spring. Hopefully now things have settled down enough for you to discuss them calmly and dispassionately.

Regardless of your relationship status, you may be intensely concerned with where you’re headed, whether with your longtime mate, someone new or a prospect you’re still getting to know. For single Virgos who’ve returned to work—in person or virtually—you could meet someone through professional pursuits.

Meanwhile, the other love planet, fiery Mars, is on an unusually long trek through Aries and your eighth house of intense emotions. Normally he only activates each sign for about six or seven weeks every other year, but thanks to his retrograde from September 9 to November 13, you’ll have a unique opportunity to get to the heart of some deep feelings.

While you’re sure to enjoy exploring the passion, intimacy and eroticism, beware they’re often part of a package deal that includes anger, jealousy and possessiveness. And you won’t always get advance warning about which will arise when. So keep an eye—more like a tight lid—on your temper for the rest of the year. This is also the realm of intense bonding, so whatever your current situation is, you can look forward to it taking a deeper dive!

Key Dates:
July 27: Venus-Neptune square

Where is this thing going? Love planet Venus in your accountable tenth house is playing the long game, but murky Neptune is making it hard to see how to move forward. Can’t stop racking your brain? Let yourself get swept up in daydreams today and save the planning for tomorrow.

Love Days: 4, 9
Money Days: 17, 25
Luck Days: 14, 23
Off Days: 12, 20, 7

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