Why Clinique’s Black Honey Almost Lipstick Is a Best-Seller

At some point though, I forgot about Black Honey, likely moving on to the matte formulations that began to dominate the lipstick market. I think I wore MAC’s Ruby Woo for four years straight. Fast-forward to May of this year, however, when, in an attempt to keep myself busy while being housebound, I took to cleaning out my beauty archives—products I’d packaged up during my 2019 move from London to Edinburgh that hadn’t seen the light of day since.

After sorting through two plastic boxes, I finally reached the base of the third where nestled in the lip edge surrounding the base, was a long, silver wand; a forgotten tube of Black Honey. Instantly overcome with overwhelming nostalgia, I immediately slicked it across my lips. Of course, this wasn’t the exact Black Honey lipstick I’d purchased in 2001 but, upon applying it, I couldn’t remember when I would have bought it. The balmy consistency was just as I’d remembered it, and the colour equally divine. Still, erring on the side of caution, I proceeded to sit myself down at my laptop to order a fresh tube. And since it arrived, I’ve refused to wear anything else.

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